MCR Brunch Ideas For The Girl On A Budget

Brunch – A late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch

Brunch is an essential part of life. It gives you a fashionable excuse for being too lazy to meet for 9am breakfast dates. Everyone loves brunch. Brunch is bae. But most importantly, brunch is an essential Instagram opportunity. Nobody’s feed is complete without weekly pictures of your hungover Sunday brunch adventures. Everything about brunch is perfect, except for the prices…But fear not, I’ve gathered a list of the best, cheapest and most ‘grammable places around.

  1. Bill’s Restaurant

With prices as low as £2.95 AND 20% student discount, Bill’s is definitely worth a visit for a brunch trip that won’t break the bank

  1. Trove

This family run bakery café is a must go, with their most expensive brunch dish ONLY £8. I’ll race you there.

  1. Evelyn’s Café & Bar

If nothing else, Evelyn’s decor is very aesthetically pleasing. They offer a variety of dishes ranging from around £5-£12, bargain!

  1. Federal

Federal is a fashion hotspot for some of Manchester’s coolest bloggers. If it’s good enough for them to Instagram, then it’s definitely good enough for you. Bag yourself a bargain eggs benedict for just £7.50.

  1. Koffee pot

If you’re looking for an edgy bargain brunch destination, I’ve got you covered. Their full English is just £7.50. Other than them getting their knife and fork the wrong way round, there ain’t much wrong with this Kool Koffee place.

  1. Black Milk Cereal Dive

This place is a MUST GO for your insta feed, if nothing else. You can’t get much quirkier than a cereal café. As if we’re not already drooling over the menu, their cereal even comes in chocolate bowls. Dreams do come true.

  1. Common

Their whole brunch menu is under £11. Enough said.

  1. Home sweet home

If you only go for the milkshake alone, it’ll totally be worth the trip. Plus, their most expensive dish is only around £10.

  1. Alabama’s All American Eatery

American pancakes, in a cool edgy Northern Quarter café, all for under £13?

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