Who knew choosing a domain name was so hard?

Choosing a domain name was kind of hard to say the least. I toyed with all sorts of ideas before eventually going off them one by one, because just like fashion, I have a great idea, the best thing I’ve ever thought of, that I obsess over to another level! Then suddenly I’m over it and want something brand spanking new. I finally decided to go with my name. Original, I know.

The thing is though, even if I do get bored of it eventually, I’m kinda stuck with it. So even when I’m being supper fussy, there’s not much I can do about changing my name. Unless I take a leaf out of my Nana’s book, who decided it was crucial to pay over the odds to get her name changed at the ripe old age of 65. I mean I get her point, Gladys wouldn’t exactly be my name of choice either. But after living with it for over six decades, was it really necessary to change it? I think not.

Anyway, as usual I’ve gone completely off track. I’ve been both blessed and cursed with a catchy name. Jess Jepson.   I have a love hate relationship with my name, I mean people remember it? But people LOVE to make it a thing that leaves me silently screaming it’s JESS JUST JESS OK? (I only get Jessica when I’m naughty).

People just love to call me by my full name and say it super quickly and repeatedly as if it’s some sort of challenging tongue twister. Or even better, everyone loves a good Jessie J reference. Having ‘J-J-J-Jessie J’ shouted at your whenever you enter a room or the constant ‘omg like Jessie J!’ comparisons have become a little painful since they began way back in 2012. So if you’re one of THOSE people and you’re reading this, the names Jess. Just Jess. Ok?

So anyway, now we’ve gone around the houses with all the unnecessary reasons for my extremely basic domain name. Here we are, my first proper blog post on jessjepson.com. It’s just Jess though, ok?

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