Denim Dramas

RIP skinny jeans. After over a decade of total skinny jean domination, the trend is finally coming to an end. The demise of the much-loved skinnies trend has left this lil 5″3 girl gutted.

I was ready to accept the fact I’d never be able to wear jeans again, as skinnies are quite possibly the only jeans in existence to ever even slightly flatter my chubby little legs. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been lusting over cropped flared denim and straight leg jeans for months! When they finally arrived in high street stores, at slightly more acceptable prices…I mentally prepared myself for endless days of shopping trip fails.

I don’t know if anyone else faces the struggle of desperately trying to find the perfect pair, only for them to not budge past your thighs. Or when you do EVENTUALLY find a pair that yank up all the way past your bum, they’re hanging off your waist? Literally the bain of my life. After years of bad jeans buying experiences, I made it my mission to bag the perfect pair of straight and/or bootleg jeans to rival my Topshop Joni jeans.

All with the budget of around £40, because no matter how much I might obsess over my ‘perfect pair’ for the first couple of weeks, we all know I’ll be over them and onto the next craze before they’ve even had chance to fade (or be washed).

Oh what a surprise, I’ve gone completely off track once again, ranting about my endless jean shopping struggles. The good news is, I’ve finally found the jeans for me! Believe it or not, Topshop have a range that expands past their reliable, yet somewhat infamous Joni jeans. So here they are, the Topshop Moto Straight Leg Jeans.


Topshop’s MOTO Cropped Wide Leg Jeans saved my summer and now their straight leg jeans have rescued my failing winter wardrobe.

I got them in dark blue, which goes with literally EVERYTHING I own and bonus, they’re actually equally as comfy as a pair of stretchy Jonis! Teamed with a polo neck, borg coat, my fave boots, and ofcourse, the baker boy that never leaves my head, it’s safe to say I’m in love. For now, at least.


Jumper @ ASOS, Belt @ Missguided

PS Let’s just ignore the fact that high waisted jeans are the next style on the way out, I can’t cope with the emotional trauma RN.

Next mission – Find an (nice) affordable PVC trench coat.

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