New Year, Not So New Me

New Year, Not So New Me?

So after being bombarded with ‘new year, new me’ blog posts, facebook statuses, inspirational quotes and celeb endorsements advertising the latest fitness routines, health cleanses and positive mind set novels for the past month. I got thinking, is it all real?

Usually I feel pretty refreshed, inspired and ready to go in the new year, cliché as that may be. (& that’s without any green tea or yoga sessions) But if I’m being completely honest, this year, I’m just not feeling it. I don’t feel inspired, let alone ‘brand new’, and I’m hoping I’m not alone?

I mean, maybe it’s just adult life. I’m back to my 9-5, rather than enjoying 2 months off before rushing back to uni to reunite with my BFFLS… Maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself because after a week of over indulging and being babied by my parents again, I must return to my working ‘adult’ life in the city. I mean don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my flat, job and, of course, Manchester. But it just got me thinking.

I’ve struggled to fully feel ‘adult’ and actually enjoy and thrive doing all the ‘adult’ things in life, like having my s**t together and being an all-round successful, organised, together adult. So, as I’ve said about 7 times already – It got me thinking, are any of these self-health, new me, new mindset books people are forever raving about actually worth my time?

As a self-confessed cynic, I’ve always dismissed the many motivational guides and positivity books without a second thought. I honestly thought they were a load of rubbish, but as the reality of real ‘adult’ life kicks in, I’ve started second guessing my decision.

I decided that after years of dismissing, with the sheer amount of people I’ve seen raving over various self-help books as of recent, I’d give all this life assistance malarkey a go!

I love a good book and have been wanting to get back into reading forever, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Combining my need to read with my need to learn how to like, do life. (How very ‘adult’ of me right?)

So good ol’ Santa Claus delivered a pile of books, some fashion based, and some life based, but none are the flowery, soppy kind! No yoga, no peace of mind, just facts, sarcasm and reality.

So the plan is, after a few months of scouring over my ever growing collection of ‘how to ___’ and ‘get your s**t together’ books, I’ll become a fully fledged adult.

Now, by no stretch do I expect to read these books and magically transform into a strong, independent, successful adult who wins at life. Nor am I even tempted to believe the companies and organisations that try and convince me so. However, my lack of new year positivity this year means it’s kinda worth a try, right?

All I’m after is a lil reality check, some reassurance I ain’t SO bad at this adult stuff and maybe a few bonus life lessons.

You can find all the books below, if anybody actually cares enough to get this far…

(BONUS: They look pretty cute stacked up & won’t break the bank)

Little Black Book – A toolkit for working women, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k, Alexa Chung itHow to be Parisian, Almost Adulting

If anyone’s read any of these books or has any other good suggestions, please do let me know!


One thought on “New Year, Not So New Me?

  1. Nikita | says:

    Best of luck! I hope you find your 2018 spark!
    It’s true adult life is hard and no one can do it completely on their own. I hope you enjoy the books you have to read.
    I am looking forward to the possibilities the few months will bring.


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