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January Sales: The Best Bits

The longest month in the world (January) is FINALLY over and to be completely honest, the only good thing to come out of it was the January sales.

Contrary to most people, I actually love sales shopping! There’s just something extra rewarding about bagging the last pair of dreamy size 5 Zara boots for only £7.99 (true story) or finding the jacket you’ve lusted after for MONTHS hiding under the rails. Not to mention all the amazing things you definitely don’t need, that the stress of sales shopping somehow convinces you that you cannot live without…

So after my multiple sale shopping successes this January, if I do say so myself… I thought I’d do a lil summary of my fave bits and just why I love them so bloody much!

Vinyl Aviator Jacket @ Topshop

Oh. My. God. After literally MONTHS of searching every Topshop within the vicinity of Greater Manchester for this jacket and failing. Miserably. I’d just about given up on my dream. I was slowly getting over the fact I’d have to live on with a gaping big hole in my jacket collection, and my heart…

When January sales were sadly coming to an end, I was aimlessly browsing, convinced I’d found all the best bits, when I spotted it crammed into the corner. I may have cried a little. Just a little.

Since then I’ve never been without it. I mean yes, it does coat literally EVERYTHING I dare to wear under it in the MOST annoying fluff that will not budge, and squeak slightly when I move abruptly…but that’s ok. I love it in despite of it’s obvious, and somewhat unfixable, faults.

Baggin’ the Best Boots @ Zara

Sale wise, does Zara ever disappoint? Answer: No. Never ever, ever, ever. In fact, I might go as far to say Zara is quite possibly the best sale EVER. Although few people agree, due to the crazy jumble sale mess their sales always entail… That’s the best part though!

Underneath all the disastrous racks of unorganized, clashing clothing lay a hidden treasure. The shoes. ALL the shoes. Most people seem unable to hack the state of the sale for long enough to notice, meaning there’s never a lack of shoes. After bagging my best boots in last year’s sale. (See red Dorothy boots below)

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I love shoes more than people

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I was determined to find another perfect pair, or two! Polka dots are set to be the biggest print of SS18 (I read it somewhere, I think..) so these beauties were a no brainer.

Black, chunky, striped, statement? Is there anything more me?! Another obvious, must have pair.

Black Hoop Detail Pants @ Zara

Have you even succeeded in sales shopping if you haven’t bagged a few cheap wardrobe staples? Amongst my bags of black polo necks, were these sleek, statement hoop detail pants from Zara (see above). They’re nothing crazy or out there, but I’m a sucker for simple hoop detailing and I feel like they’ll go perfectly teamed with a slogan tee or oversized jumper, plus you can dress them up or down! For £8.99, I can’t complain.

Cowboy Boots @ Topshop

I have them in black. I have the I monochrome. So I needed them in white, right? Probably not, no, but for £13 in the Topshop sale? I could not refuse.

They’re pretty damn hard to style, other than with all-black, so beware, there may be a ‘how to style’ post coming your way very soon…

Red Vinyl Trench Coat @ ASOS

They say save the best ‘til last and I certainly have done in this case. After literally going on about it FOREVER, I was lucky enough to get this uh-mazing red vinyl trench coat of my dreams as a late Christmas present. Bonus? It was in the sale for just £45!

I have to admit, it took me a lil while to figure out what exactly to wear it with?! Suggestions welcome… But after a few attempts, I found enough outfit combos to ensure that I never have to take it off. Ever.

One thought on “January Sales: The Best Bits

  1. katietalking says:

    In love with those red boots, can’t believe you got such a bargain – saw them at Zara so many times but convinced myself I don’t need two pairs of red boots as I already have suede ones – completely regretting this decision! Love this post x

    Liked by 1 person

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