10 Things You (probably) Don’t Know About Me

I’ve finally done it. I’ve caved in and joined the millions of other bloggers and decided to share 10 things you don’t know about me…

I’m not very good at sharing personal stuff about me/my life. I mean I’m all for showing off my outfits and food, but when it comes to the real deal, I chicken out. As an attempt at getting better, I thought I’d join in on this lil ‘get to know me’ craze.

Unless you’re my bestie, family or a crazy stalker, then hopefully at least a couple of these will come as a surprise to you!

1) DFS advert
When I was 15 I starred in THE cheesiest DFS advert you’ve ever seen, and I’ve never been more proud. (Claim to fame)

2) Baby Birth Mark
I have really dark, oval birth mark on my right calf. It’s the centre of all my family holiday jokes. #TB to the whole Jepson clan yelling ‘there’s something on your leg’ across the villa pool for all to hear.

Over the years a few lovely people have advised me to get it removed, or branded me ‘poo leg’ in first school… but I think it’s pretty cool and we all know how much I like to be different don’t we. Bet YOU don’t have an weird oval birth mark, do ya?!

3) Skull obsessed
I’m absolutely obsessed with skulls. My flat is covered in them and my ring collection is literally skull themed. Let’s just say if I ever got a tattoo, I know what it would be.

4) Bendy Wendy
I hate exercise. In fact I avoid it like the plague. Yet somehow, despite this, I’m Hypermobile. I can drop into the splits on command and wrap my legs around my head with ease. A bizarre skill to possess, I know.

My favourite food is and always has been tomatoes. When I was struggling to create my first ever MSN name, my Dad offered me some assistance. He said to use my nickname, JJ, and my fave food. So chuffed to bits, 12 year old me went on to create the iconic jjtomato@hotmail.co.uk. I’m not exactly sure that’s what Steve had in mind, but it stuck and throughout the bullying I remained proud of my unique choice of addy.

6) Crookshanks
My 13-year-old cat is named after Hermione Granger’s fictional cat, Crookshanks. Oh what great taste in names 8-year-old Harry Potter obsessed me had. Imagine trying to call that from your door step every evening for over a decade.

7) Number 13
Sassy 7-year-old Jess decided that if 13 was so super unlucky for everyone, then why not make it her lucky number? That way, she could never be unlucky. Smart. Sassy. Seven. I miss those days.

8) Swifty
My fave bands/artists include Catfish & The Bottlemen, Blossoms, Artic Monkeys, The Courteeners and, of course, Amy Winehouse (15 year old me actually cried when she died). But I’m secretly weirdly obsessed with Taylor Swift. I know every single word to every single TS song. Ever. Don’t judge me, ok?

9) #BasicBitch
Despite my whole life/wardrobe/existence being a constant battle to be different and unique, I actually drive the most #basic girly car around. Yep, you guessed it. I’m the proud owner of a lil grey Fiat 500. Go ahead, judge me. I would.

10) Brain damage
Ok, ok so it ain’t quite as dramatic as it sounds, but about 4 years ago someone ‘accidentally’ dropped me off an 8ft wall onto rocks and literally damaged my brain. That someone is now my boyfriend, which people can’t quite seem to believe… He says he asked me out and I said no, so he dropped me on my head to knock some sense into me. I guess it worked?

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