Tampopo Vegetarian Taste Tour

 I was lucky enough to be treated to an exclusive, super yummy FIVE course meal as part of the Vegetarian Taste Tour at Tampopo last month. Trying out the best dishes from their brand new vegetarian menu was a task I certainly didn’t mind taking on.

 Amongst the red hues, lil lanterns, LED lights and an array of traditional Asian décor, the rows of candle lit benches await. The chilled, cosy atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a cute (& cheap!) lil catch up and cocktails. The cheaper the food, the more cocktails you’re allowed…just saying.

 Tampopo boast the ‘best pan-Asian street food from across East Asia’. Their menu includes a magical mix of Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean and Japanese food, so you’re certainly not stuck for choice! But rest assured, it’s not one of those crazy complex menus that’s impossible to pick from, its simple and easy to understand, thank god.

If you’re not convinced yet, just wait until you see all the veggie splendour on offer!

Course 1 – Vietnamese Spring Rolls & Tempura Veg

Tampopo Manchester

Crunchy spring rolls with hoisin dip? I’m sold. The spring rolls were to DIE FOR.

Despite not being the biggest peanut butter fan, I have to admit, the peanut dip was rather yummy too! I feel like I can now sing the iconic peanut butter jelly song with a lil more passion.

Course 2 – Katsu Udon Soup

Katsu Curry

Yummy as ever, but rather bloody difficult to eat! I always say this about Ramen-type dishes, when I’m hungry all I wanna do is stuff my face and get I so frustrated struggling to tackle the whole eating-noodley-soup-with-chopsticks thing in a ladylike manor. UGH.

Course 3 – Pad Thai


Does anyone else order the SAME meal every single time you go out, or is that just me?! Despite forever promising myself I’ll ‘try something new this time’, I forever find myself ordering Pad Thai; my all time favourite Thai dish. So I was not disappointed when I spotted this lil gem on the menu. However this time, it had a veggie twist (ie no chicken) so that counts as trying something different, right? Surprisingly, I actually preferred it!

Course 4 – Singaporean Curry

Singaporean curry

You know the kind of tangy surprise you get when  you go from a pink to a yellow starburst? Like a split second of sour shock, quickly recovered by a burst of tangy fruity goodness? No? Just me? Ok…Well that’s exactly what the curry tasted like. If you know, you know. If not, I’m just being weird. Either way.

Course 5 – Mango sorbet

Just when I’d declared I absolutely could NOT eat a thing more, the mango sorbet arrived. I ate it…Of course I did. Actually it was exactly what I needed! Fruity, refreshing and the perfect finish.


In the VERY brief moments between exclaiming how amazing the food was (no, genuinely, it was AMAZING) we found ourselves repeating constantly, I could SO be a vegetarian. Now any meal that’s good enough to get my mind off bacon for 5 minutes is a winner in my eyes!

I bloody love veg, but I’ve never really thought about going veggie before (sorry). I really respect people who have the determination and will power to maintain it, but genuinely, after this delicious meal I feel like I actually could.

If someone is willing to provide me with veggie food that tastes THIS good daily, then please, by all means, slide on into the DMs. Pronto.

Tampopo, you certainly did NOT disappoint.  Super yummy food at rather reasonable prices? A forever favourite.


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