Jess Jepson

Making a House a Home on a Basic Budget

People always seem to like/compliment the way I’ve decorated my flat (if you’re reading this sniggering because you just said it in a fake way & didn’t actually mean it then I hate you. You’re mean).

My fave thing is people complimenting my overly decorated lil home, before quickly reassuring me they’d have done the same if it wasn’t for the fact they’re saving for a house, but, well, same? I mean, aren’t we all?! Of course I’m bloody saving for a house! For when I feel adult enough, in about 20 years maybe…

But that doesn’t mean I wanna spend a couple of  years living in a flat just for the sake of it! I wanna love it. I want it to feel like home, and if I can do that on a budget then why the heck not?

So because I love my flat so much and love to waffle on about rubbish even more, here’s a lil guide to decorating on a budget. If you don’t like my décor, please don’t be mean. I’m sensitive.

I’ve always loved decorating and adding my own personal touch to various student rooms over the years. I was forever having my bedroom redecorated as a kid, to suit whatever phase I was going through. The cutest phase had to be my princess room, complete with a personalised, engraved ‘Jessica’ bed. Cringe.

Find alternatives

I was desperate for one of those dreamy grid pin boards plastered all over pinterest, but after discovering they cost a whopping £40 EACH, I knew I had to find an alternative. Nothing that a few weird google searches and a trip to B&Q couldn’t solve. Ta Daaaaa.

Pinterest photo grid

The sacred corner

Obviously alcohol is one of the most important parts of my life. Closely followed by clothes, shoes & shopping. So when it out grew our drinks trolley, we were forced to expand the collection and dedicate a corner of the flat to it. Turning something you already have hidden in your cupboard into decor? GENIUS.

drinks trolley

Sassy Shelves

This is one of my fave lil details in the flat. I bagged this shelf unit from The Range for just £14.99! It took me forever to decide what to fill it with, but I eventually settled on this hanging plant as the main feature.
hanging plant decor

Breakfast Station

Ever heard of a breakfast station? No, me neither. But apparently my boyfriend has… God knows where he got the idea from, but he was determined to make it work! Apparently a breakfast station consists of our coffee machine, cups & saucers, a teapot and Kelloggs cereal bowls… After initially just laughing at his weird idea, I have to admit, I’m quite a fan.

Walk in wardrobe

Who needs a spare room when you can have a dressing room? With the help of a couple of clothes rails, multiple mirrors and a desk-turned-dressing-table, the dressing room was complete.

I really like having an open wardrobe, having everything out on display just makes it SO much easier to pick from. It (sort of) stops me forgetting hidden gems I’ve shoved to the back. I blame my Mum for bringing me up with my own, perfectly curated, organised, walk-in wardrobe.

I decided to take the same approach with storing accessories, using a couple of nails to hang my hats off, a cute hanger for my fave sunnies/earrings/a silly Polaroid, and I really bloody love it!

Mirror Mirror 

If you follow me on insta then I’m sure you’re already pretty familiar with this lil section of my flat, to say the least…

This mirror is probs the most expensive homeware I’ve ever bought, but boy was it worth it! I’d wanted one FOREVER and finally gave in. Because the other 5 mirrors and double mirrored wardrobe just weren’t doing it for me…

Picture Perfect

As you probably guessed from the collection of prints above, I’m obsessed. I’m forever shopping for prints, and won’t stop until the whole wall is covered. (Sorry Tom)

My absolute FAVE prints have to be from SpaceOddityGifts, deffo worth checking out if you’re after some quirky statement prints for rather reasonable prices!


Book Club

I love a good book, especially a good fashion related book. Which also happen to be rather aesthetically pleasing if you stack ’em up nicely. Another super quick, easy & cheap way to decorate. My fave lil book stack has to be the one on my Ikea coffee table.

I’m obsessed with the idea of stacking up books, newspapers & magazines in the table base, despite the fact my Nana asked whether it was a dustbin… I love collecting edgy magazines & newspapers, so any excuse to use them as decor and I’m THERE.

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