Blazer Lovin’

I don’t know about you, but I love a good blazer. I’ve never seen anyone wear one badly. Well, maybe my middle school history teacher, who literally wore the same stained cream blazer DAILY, but other than that, they’re ALMOST impossible to wear badly…

I was hooked when blazers had a hot minute back in 2012/13, so I was thrilled when they made their return. This time minus the cropped cut & shoulder pads. Bonus.

Despite my everlasting love for blazers, I have to admit, when I saw the oversized cuts dominating the catwalks, I was gutted! I’m 5”4 and hardly skinny. An over- sized blazer teamed with flared jeans? It doesn’t exactly sound like it’ll do wonders for my figure, does it?

This is a problem I have a lot with my figure vs fashion. Over-sized, boxy fits either swallow me up whole or make me look even shorter and wider. The last thing I want is to look like a dumpy lil 12-year-old (again).

However, the more blazers I saw popping up all over the place, the more determined I was to make them work for me. It took me a while to really master the trend and find a way I feel confident wearing blazers. Now, by no means am I claiming to have made some revolutionary blazer styling discovery to perfectly suit those vertically inclined of us, but I gave it a bloody good go and even if I’m alone, I’m pretty damn happy with the results!

Zara Blazer

I don’t own a single outfit that I can’t wear with a waist belt. Belts are perfect for yanking in oversized cuts to accentuate my waist, making me look slightly less chunky in the process. Completing any outfit, while adding a flattering touch. So what could be more perfect than wrapping a statement belt around a beautiful blazer?

Thanks Dad

Growing up Dad would whack this Fred Perry gem out every single Christmas Day without fail. I spent my childhood laughing at stupid Steve sporting THE ugliest jacket EVER. Only to wind up adoring it 10 years later…who would’ve known?! I wore this on my first night in Paris, teamed with my fave Topshop straight leg jeans, a waist belt and good ‘ol doc martens.

Dressin’ ‘em down

Team with classic Converse, a white tee and buckle up to create the ultimate lazy day get up! Extra points for being super comfy!

All black err’thang

Black is my favourite colour. So how could I feel the most comfortable in a bold blazer? Team it with ALL black. A look I’ve opted for with both my topshop blazers. Once slightly dressed up, for the Vesper bar launch night, and once for a day exploring Paris. Both times I teamed my blazer with a trusty polo neck and black flares. Simple, yet effective.



Remember that old 2012/13 blazer I mentioned earlier? Well, I dug it out from hiding and teamed it with a £5 pair of H&M pants to create the ULTIMATE electric blue suit to take on Disney Land. Supper comfy but super statement? Perfection. Also, side note, Cortez are the comfiest shoes EVER! Have I mentioned I like to be comfortable?

Legs out for the lads


Can this lil chunky legged chick dress up a blazer co-ord and love it? Much to my surprise, yes, yes I can! This was probably the most daring look for me personally as I HATE getting my legs out. And no, it’s not just cause of my ‘poo leg’ (see point 10) I just hate my pale lil tree trunk legs. But somehow this UH-maazing co-ord helped me to see past that. Bonus? It goes with black lipstick.

You can shop all the above looks on the Looker HQ app – just search jessjepson

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