Boots for Summer? Groundbreaking.

Does anyone else HATE summer shoes? Slinky strappy sandals, crisp white trainers & flimsy flip flops are my idea of hell. I’m definitely no summer baby. I LOVE a good festival, but barely-there-bottoms and strappy floral frills… not so much a summer fave. Give me oversized jumpers and docs any day.

Growing up my mum faced a never ending battle of getting me into summer gear. Sorry Mum, for the year 7 year old me flat out refused to wear anything but ‘boys trousers’ to a summer wedding.


Back in summer 2010 I insisted on wearing my beloved military boots to the beach. Yep, you heard that right. The BEACH. Because I had decided that, as a rock icon, I was far too cool and extra for flip flops. Fierce and fifteen. Iconic, I know.

I’m obsessed with big chunky shoes, especially my docs, they add a grungy edge to every outfit, whilst still providing ULTIMATE comfort. Something that uncomfortable flip flops and strappy sandals just can’t compete with.

Although I’ve certainly calmed down a little since my boot wearing beach days, I still love wearing boots in summer, regardless of the temperature.

‘Oh my god are you not BOILING with those on?!’ – I cannot be alone when I say I’m SICK of every-bloody-one exclaiming this when I dare to wear boots in summer. Like no, I’m absolutely fine, but thank you for making me feel like an alien. Much appreciated.

Anyway, I digress, back the the point… Boots in summer, can they work? Are they acceptable? Do I care? No. But hey, I thought I’d talk through a few of my fave ways to (try to) pull of boots in summer, just in case anyone else is anti-summer shoes, so here goes…

Frilly Florals

manchester fashion blogger

I feel like you simply cannot go wrong with a pretty floral dress. The downside? EVERYONE wears them, but can you blame ’em?! They’re a summer essential.

But I like to look a lil different, and still feel like me when wearing girly florals, so teaming them with docs just adds that slightly grungier edge . Summer sorted.

Cute co-ords

When I first got my hands on this co-ord of DREAMS, I’d planned to layer it up, creating cute trainer & slogan tee combos, but when I tried it they were all a little too bright and pastel pretty for me. So the solution? Black basics & docs, of course!

Side note – I think I may have just found the perfect city break outfit? YES!

Cycle to work scheme

When I first saw the cycling shorts trend starting to pop up allover the place, I was NOT a fan. I hated the whole glam, heels and cycling shorts look (no offence, just not for me). But the more I saw it, the more I got thinking about how the cut could potentially really flatter my figure. So, I got experimenting with ways to dress them down and make them more me and again, of course that involved wearing my beloved boots. Bonus? They’re super duper comfy!

So yeah, in my opinion, boots are the BEST all year round. Regardless of the circumstances/temperature/weird looks I receive. Maybe one day I’ll grow up a little and embrace summer shoes properly…but for now, the boots are staying. Amen.

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