Chunky Sandal Obsession

After spending my last blog post rambling on about my boot obsession, and refusal to wear sandals growing up, I thought I’d write a little on my groundbreaking chunky sandal discovery and the fact I actually wear sandals now, because ya know, I’m a mature adult & all that…

Growing up I slowly realised quite how impractical Dr Martens on a beach REALLY were, forcing myself to embrace the sandal life.

After discovering a chunkier sandal, in the form of Birkenstocks back in 2014, I’ve finally found my way in the sandal world. Give me platform sandals over pretty lil strappy numbers ANY day.

I thought I’d share a few of my absolute faves…

The OG’s


After spending years ridiculing my Dad for wearing Birkenstocks and him INSISTING that I’d be wearing them myself in a few years…he turned out to be right. I invested in my very first pair back in 2014 and haven’t looked back since.

Buckle Up

Bershka Bodysuit

OBSESSED doesn’t cover it. I bought these bad boys in Topshop before my first ever ‘LADS’ holiday and haven’t looked back since. Every year I search high and low for another, newer pair but I’ve never been able to find any that quite compare…

Buckle Up – The Western Version


I was lucky enough to be sent these from LoudLook and I’ve barely taken them off since! They’re basically just an updated/edgier version of  Birkenstocks and they literally go with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. Obsessed.

The Espadrille Platforms of Dreams


If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll have seen me sporting my faves almost daily…oops! They’re super comfortable, chunky, and make me about 2 inches taller?!

Often my boots, or the buckled sandals above don’t really work all that well with cute summer dresses/brighter colours, so if you’re looking for a girly alternative to chunky sandals – these are the one.

Gingham Heaven

I was desperate to get my hands on these the second I saw them, and I mean how could I not be?! They’re a dream. The only problem is, they don’t bloody go with anything! I’m setting myself a challenge to see how many outfits I can make work with them between now and the end of the UK summer, so probably about a week…wish me luck!

So in conclusion, I am 100% a chunky sandal convert. They make me that lil bit taller, and a lil bit edgier (obvs), while keeping me super comfy? What’s not to love?

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