Jess Jepson

Transitional Turmoil: 4 Easy Transitional Outfit Ideas

How bloomin’ awkward is this weather to dress for?! I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve exclaimed this over the past couple of weeks. This terrible transitional periods certainly taking its toll.

One minute I’m freezing, drenched in the dreary Manchester rain, the next thing I’m boiling hot! It’s literally like God is sat in the sky flicking a switch between summer and winter. Where is the chilly autumn weather and crisp crunchy leaves I crave?!

Anyway, I digress. I’m British , so weather-based ranting is a special talent of mine, but I shall TRY to restrain myself.

I’ve been struggling with outfits recently, and I know from the amount of people joining in with my (constant) moaning, that I’m not alone! So I thought I’d share a few of my fave layered up combos from the past couple of weeks…

Cord Co-ord

Try saying that lil tounge twister over and over again and tell me you’re not struggling…


I bagged this bargain co-ord from Primark last month and have been OBSESSED ever since. It’s absolutely perfect for this roller coaster weather. Working with or without the lightweight blazer, it’s easy to layer up with either a cute tee or polo neck. Plus, the boots and bare legs combo seems to be keeping me the perfect temperature, for now…

Hot Sauce


I’m in love with this simple combo. It’s been ideal to throw on in this turbulent weather, teamed with a leather biker jacket for good measure.

Over It

Jess Jepson

I’m SO over (the majority of) my summer wardrobe. So on the days when its still been pretty hot out, but I’ve been anti-summer clothing, this is the kinda look I’ve been opting for. Teaming my new autumnal buys with basic t-shirts and boots.

Boots & Big Jackets

Jess Jepson

On days when I’m rushing I’ve just been throwing on boots and boxy jackets over my fave summer skirts (the select few I’m not quite over yet). Basically, this gives me the perfect excuse to wear them one last time, despite the rain!

Ok, hurry up now please Autumn!

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