Obsessed with Festival Fashion? Me too!

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely OBSESSED with festival fashion. I’m gutted that festival season has come to an end. Festivals are just an excuse to run around muddy fields in THE most extra/colourful/weird clothing combos that would just NEVER be socially acceptable anywhere else! What more could you possibly want?!

I usually start planning my outfits MONTHS in advance and literally have to have at least one outfit option per day. The only rule? Every look must work with wellies.

After a fun sun & festival filled summer, I’m ready for a new season…but I’m struggling to put my fave festival fashion bits away just yet. So as part of my plan to part with festival fashion until next summer, I thought I’d do a lil round up of all my fave 2018 festival looks…

1st Stop -> Parklife

My first festival of the summer caught me off guard, when my sister rang me just a couple of days before with surprise tickets! With little to no shopping time, I grabbed this cute New Girl Order tank top &  fortunately managed to style it perfectly with bits I already had in my wardrobe! (Side note: Pink hair stains…EVERYTHING)

Personally I think I look exactly like Avril Lavigne? If you disagree, we can’t be friends.

Next Up -> Kendal Calling

Did I wear one outfit that didn’t involve either cycling shorts or checkerboard print? Nope! Am I ok with that? Absolutely!

We were SO lucky at Kendal, the sun was shining (almost) all weekend! I don’t know what it is about sunshine & festivals, but suddenly I wanna wear every colour in the rainbow.

My absolute favourite outfit from weekend HAS to be the checkerboard co-ord from Topshop, in case you hadn’t guessed by the amount of times it’s featured on my insta since… Bonus? The shorts & jacket can easily be worn separately, so I can rock the co-ord all year long!

Nivea Event

I was lucky enough to get invited to my first ever big blogger event this year, which just happened to be festival themed! A dream come true! As I was heading out later anyway, it was the perfect excuse to whack out my fab festival finds!

This Boohoo jacket has to be my FAVE festival purchase this season, hence me making a lil exception and allowing myself to outfit repeat, whoops!

Leeds Festival

Ok so I’ve literally been to Leeds Fest like every year since I was 16, and I swear it gets better each year! I alwasy have the most AMAZING time, hence the excitable lil pic above…

It was my last ‘proper’ festival of the summer and I was determined to wear my fluffy lil shaggy knit jacket one more time, so out came the cycling shorts…again! No judgements please.

Manchester Pride

Can I count pride as a festival?! Who cares, I used it as an excuse to dress like it was anyway…

After FINALLY managing to salvage my fave New Girl Order top (with the much needed help of my Mum), following the pink Parklife hair dye disaster… I was thrilled to be able to wear it one last time, hence my poses. (Absolutely nothing to do with the gin, just V happy about the top’s resurrection).

I managed a grand total of 5 festival this year & I had a bloomin’ amazing time at each & every single one of them! I’m already getting giddy thinking about next years festival plans, best get outfit planning/sale shopping…

You can shop all my looks on the 21 Buttons app, just search ‘jess jepson’. They’re pretty much all in the sale now too, bonus!

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