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Best Bargains: Primark AW18

I’ve noticed myself name dropping Primark a LOT recently, I just can’t help bragging about my latest bargains! In fact, I’ve been bragging so much, I thought it deserved its own lil braggy blog post.

Now EVERYONE knows the Primark rule…get it or regret it! If you don’t bag the bargain first time round, then you’re almost guaranteed to never to see it again! So obviously you’re contracted to buy every single perfect Primark piece the second you see it!

I’ve been doing a lot of impulse buying recently, so here’s a list of my best Primark bags this season, so far… 

The Cord Co-ord You’re All Sick of Seeing…

I’m literally OBSESSED with this co-ord to say the least…but if you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’re already aware of that! I love the fact you can’t dress it up, down, or wear it separately.

I’m also stupidly excited to team it with thick tights and a turtle neck now it’s a lil chillier. The striped tee is also from Primark and is such a nice, flattering fit.

The Dream Lilac Suit: Take 2

Yes, I now own 2 lilac suits. No, it is NOT excessive. No, they’re not the exact same…ones cord, duh! I just couldn’t help myself but bag this bargain when I saw it, literally £50 for the set! Get it or regret it, you know the drill!

I loved dressing the suit up for an evening event, but nothing beats a casual Sunday brunch blazer, jeans & trainers combo.

Lilac Strikes Again

I’m sorry but how bloomin’ cute is this lil number?! EVERYONE seems to think it’s from Zara when I wear it, so double the Primark points! It’s ideal for pulling on for work with jeans & boots, but I’m quite tempted to try dressing it up too, we’ll have to wait & see…

(More) Cord Pants

I’ve blogged about these before & I could waffle on about them forever. They’re the perfect AW18 wardrobe addition; effortlessly updating all last years gear! Plus they’re a really great, comfy fit too, you go Glen Coco Primark!

Comfy, Cosy, Cute


Ok, this HAS the be the best, cosiest, snuggliest jumper I’ve ever owned! As you can clearly see, it makes me VERY happy indeed…

PJ’s for pants? I’m sold.

Another of my faves that whenever I wear, I get asked ‘are those from Zara?’ Sorry but is there anything more rewarding than smugly revealing they’re actually Primark & guaranteed to be at least half the price?! The cheaper the purchase, the prouder I am!

At first I wasn’t keen on the lace pattern detailing throughout the stripes, but I don’t feel like you really notice that when  they’re on, so I’ll cope!

Kicker Kilt

Primark kilt skirt

I couldn’t complete this post without mentioning this lil beauty I bagged in early September. It literally goes with everything & is so easy to dress up or down, plus it was £6, no brainer!

If you’re a fan of any of my Primark bargains, ya best go grab ‘em before they’re gone! Get it or regret it guys!

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