Jess Jepson

Three Rivers Gin Experience: What I REALLY Thought of It

Who doesn’t love a good gin? It’s quite the trend at the moment, so the opportunity to create my own gin was obviously a no brainer!
I was lucky enough to be invited to The Three Rivers distillery to try out their Gin Experience. If I’m honest, it’s not something I’d usually think to attend, I mean I’ve heard about being able to go make your own alcohol, but I’ve never gone out of my way to look for this kind of event/experience. However, it was such an different, eye opening experience and I’m about to tell you exactly why you need to try it too!
Jess Jepson
First we had a short talk (with a G&T, obvs!) on the history of the origins of gin, and let me tell you, it’s quite the tale! Go google the ‘gin craze’ & have have a lil read, the guy making a living from a gin tap installed IN his door was my absolute fave. Great back up career option if fashion marketing doesn’t work out for me…
We then went downstairs to the gin distillery, which is basically a huge gin making machine, apparently worth the same as a Ferrari, so I won’t be investing in one any time soon…
Three Rivers Gin
After having the whole gin making process explained to us step by step, we got led next door to a room full of mini gin making stations…DREAM room! We all picked a station and with the help of the lovely guides, began to make our own gin!


So basically, there’s loads of stuff that you just don’t think of, like I’ve never stopped and thought what IS gin? What IS in this? I usually just drink and drink until I don’t think to think…
For example, most gins contain oats, like porridge oats you have for breakfast…weird! We were told oats are used for a sweet taste, which I wouldn’t expect. How strange is it thinking that every time you’re sipping gin, you’re drinking porridge?!


We were given a super strong alcohol which if you sipped you’d immediately go blind and if you had a couple of gulps, you’d die… I’m not gonna lie it’d been a pretty long day at work so I was slightly tempted…
We then got to select all the spices, fruits & nuts to create our own flavour to suit our personal taste, with the help of a lil tablet book explaining the best flavour combinations! I attempted to create a fruity, sweet taste with a tangy punch, using rose hip, tarragon, star anise, lemon peel & oats.


We then poured all of this in to the lil bronze distiller and heated it up. After a while it started to drop through into the pot, which is when you know it’s distilled…I think!?
After we’d all created enough pure gin (400ml) we added the water, before having the strength tested! Mine was pretty high at 46.9% but apparently Tom’s was the highest they’d ever had at 50%! The guy seemed pretty shocked and at first thought there had been a mistake, but nope, Tom is officially a gin making genius!
manchester food blogger
Then we (carefully) poured the final product into our own cute little Three Rivers Gin bottle and got to customise and stick on our own label. I named mine ‘smashing gin’ after managing to smash my glass in front of the ENTIRE group, mid-speech, typical Jess!
Jess Jepson
Overall it was an absolutely fantastic, super fun experience; getting to taste the gin, try multiple different cocktails and eventually create our own. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with a slight gin addiction and would 100% go back to do it again! It would make perfect Christmas present!
Deffo beats a bottle of Gordon’s, and for around the same price!

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