New Year, New Wardrobe


Anyone else on the verge or completely clearing out their WHOLE wardrobe?! Starting a fresh for the new year? Ready to create the ‘new you’?

I can’t be alone in feeling the need to have a complete clear out come January 1st, there’s just nothing more therapeutic than a huge wardrobe detox. It’s life changing. (Thankfully my new years resolution wasn’t to stop being so dramatic).

All I want to do come January is throw out my ENTIRE wardrobe and raid the sales for new, inspiring pieces. That’s what new year is all about, isn’t it? Out with the old, in with the new.

However, with my ever growing wardrobe, lack of space in my lil flat and the ongoing warnings surrounding fast fashion, there’s simply no better time to rework my old clothes and back OFF the sales. Well, for a little while at least…

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired with my wardrobe over the past week, struggling to get excited about my outfit choices and feeling like none of my outfits are very ‘me’. Perhaps I took the whole ‘new year new me’ thing a little too seriously…

Basically, I’ve decided that I’m going to pick a couple of unloved/forgotten items from my wardrobe and make it my mission to style them up and create a new look I love, hopefully falling back in love with my over-flowing wardrobe in the process. All without spending a silly amount in the sales, sounds easy, right?!

Here’s a couple I’ve managed to create so far…

Bananas in Pyjamas

Ok so I’m not sure if this one really counts or not, but last weekend, mid ‘I have NOTHING to wear’ paddy, I stormed into my bedroom to see my slip dress lying (screwed up) on my bed. I instantly threw on the lil leopard print PJ number over the turtle neck & tights I was already sporting, then teamed it with my beloved knee high boots & vinyl trench coat…Bingo!

Now in all honesty, if it wasn’t for the fact I look about 12 years old, I may or may not have looked slightly hooker-like rocking my PJ’s in broad daylight. But I felt great, so I don’t see that as an issue.

The Return of The Cord Co-ord

I know, I know, I wore this enough in early autumn to last a life time, but since then, I haven’t touched the damn thing! When I bought it I was SO confident it would be a forever classic and counting down the days until I could team it with boots & a turtle neck, but alas, I bought far too many new & exciting things to remember it even existed…I’m not angry with myself, just disappointed.

I added a cute headband & my knee high boots (shock) and I’m obsessed all over again!

I have to say, I do look slightly more lil Blair Waldorf than usual, but I’ll take that!

Orange + Green = I’m Keen!

Jess Jepson

A couple of weeks ago, mid-shoot with my friend (& V talented photographer, go have a stalk) Minori, she asked if I had any other outfit options, I jokingly yanked out my old cable knit orange jumper that I had shoved in the back of my car; reserved solely for sick/over-snoozed-alarm days. She suggested I put it on with the green utility pants I was already wearing…accidental perfection!

I was so unsure on the day, because although I LOVE a good orange and green colour combo, I had no mirror…unless my car window reflection counts?! But after seeing the pics I was OBSESSED and haven’t taken my scruffy old jumper off since! I never really bother styling up my jumpers, but this has certainly inspired me to start doing a LOT more of it.

So how many old unloved pieces can I resurrect and fall back in love with over the next month or so?! Whilst still trying to avoid the ever tempting January sales…that’s the hardest part!

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with my (hopefully) successful wardrobe re-work results and a bunch of outfit inspo for you & your uninspiring January wardrobes…wish me luck!


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