Instagrammable places in berlin

15 Instagramable Places In Berlin

Ok so this post isn’t QUITE as shallow as the title may lead you to believe, it’s actually full of the most fun, picturesque & quirky places Berlin has to offer! But who are we kidding, we all love a good Insta hotspot…

I’m forever being asked how I find such insta-worthy places & let’s be honest, you’re only reading this because you wanna know too… So, I thought I’d be ever so kind & share my fave spots from one of the edgiest, most instagramable places I’ve ever visited…

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna bore you and list the obvious, ie the East Side Gallery,  photoautomats etc. In fact, the majority of this list is food, but the majority of my city breaks are spent eating & I’d say these places are partly to blame for that!

Angry Chicken


After HOURS of walking around unfed (which makes for a V angry Jess), we would have eaten ANYTHING! Somehow we were patient enough to make it to Angry Chicken and my god was it worth it!

Surrounded by sticker & graffiti covered walls, with a menu full of fried chicken goodness that certainly did not disappoint! What’s not to love?! The edgiest fried chicken joint I’ve ever seen!

Brammibals Donuts


I’d heard SO much about this place before I headed to Berlin, but as cute as it was, I was a little disappointed!

Admittedly, it is the cutest place, with v minimal decor, walls coated in every shade of pink, and perfectly placed plants. However after the LONGEST que, our donuts were pretty battered looking (hence the half pic, smart, I know) and the whole process felt a tad rushed! But clearly appearances can be deceptive, as they tasted great! So not all bad!

Kremanski bar

instagrammable places berlin

We stumbled upon this place while waiting for Multilayerladen to open & I LOVED it! I felt like I’d hopped in a time machine back to 80’s. Decked out with retro TVs, neon lighting and vintage prints, with quirky cocktails and cheap G&T’s on tap!


Disclaimer: If you’re glam & anti-grunge – DO NOT VISIT!

Hanging seats, swings, board games, hidden coves & a mysterious clientele. I was OBSESSED! I loved all the layers and different dimensions, which created some great spots to people watch from…

There’s a very cool, chilled atmosphere, with cheap drinks and a board game per bed, with bathrooms built using ball pool filled nets & shopping baskets for décor…I’m here for it.

The Upside Down (Madame Claude)

If you’re a 60’s baby at heart, this is the place for you! The décor would actually be super cute, if it wasn’t all hanging from the roof…

I spent the whole time half expecting Eleven, Dustin & Steve to pop out…

This place is pretty damn confusing after a few drinks, but SO worth a visit! The indie 60’s vibe and stranger things references alone make this place very insta-worthy.

The Avocado Club…DUH!


Literally every Instagramer’s DREAM! Think millennial pink and ALL the avacodo based brunches.

This is genuinely the best avocado mash up I’ve EVER tasted & as a basic millennial girl, I’ve tried rather a lot…


Mauer Park


Yep, you already know about it, I know. But do you know about the all-day outdoor karaoke? Nope? Stay with me.

Visiting the Mauer Park flea-market is a no brainer; full of vintage boutiques & badass Berlin merch, the place is every edgy gals dream! But dare to venture a little further out, and you’ll find the BEST hidden gem!


There’s an outdoor karaoke in a coliseum, that boasts a better atmosphere than any gig/festival I’ve ever been to! Once you’re hooked it’s SO hard to leave! Watch a mix of locals and tourists screaming and dancing their heart out to an auditorium filled with fun loving strangers and tell me you don’t enjoy it, I dare you!

Jamboree Bar

Another 80’s inspired bar, shock! But this one’s filled with subtle cultural references and the chicest rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic you could wish for, with an atmosphere to match!

Side note: If you’re unlucky enough to be travelling with a football-obsessed boy, it streams sports on mute as the music blares, so you can sip on cocktails surrounded by edgy décor, while the other half sups beer staring aimlessly at the little figures running around on the green screen. Ahh, peace, quiet & cocktails.

House of Small Wonder

Every plant Mum’s dream.


I thought my flat was a jungle until I visited this place! Enter the magical plant-filled abode to find a staircase intertwined with the greenest, most beautiful plants (speaking from plant Mum experience) that lead you to brunch heaven!

The food was really different here, with some v random but delicious, combos! The menu offers an array of American-Japanese dishes and what’s better than trying something new,  while surrounded by plants?!


Such a refreshing place, not your standard edgy insta destination, but all the more worthy! I’d say if you’re gonna visit any of these places, this is the ONE! Think cute traditional café invaded by an over growing jungle, boasting more greenery than your local woods.

Charlie’s Beach


Check point Charlie not all it’s cracked up to be? Worry not, just a stones throw away from the main attraction, there’s the cutest lil beach bar, full of captivating historic facts upon entry.

The further you stumble in, the edgier it becomes. Currywurst is served from hipster food trucks which looks pretty cool, but it is NOT worth the hype. At all. It tastes like someone spilt their curry powder on your baked beans…GROSS!

NENI Berlin / Monkey Bar


Usually, if you pitched a visit to a glam, roof top bar serving over priced beverages, I’d shut you right down. However on this occasion, I would’ve been SO wrong! (A v rare occurrence) I must admit, NENI was incredible!

The décor was a dream & I have never seen such a beautiful sunset in my life! The view is amazing from every angle, including the one mid-wee with the full length window besides you…


Bonus – It’s in the midst of buzzing city bars, so if it’s not to your taste, it’s easy to hop from one place to the next!

Berlin’s answer to 20 Stories, but much, MUCH cooler!

A Never Ending Love Story


Another perfect pink filled place, but this time with less avocado & a hell of a lot of egg! V cheap and v picturesque, this traditional cafe adds a girly twist to basic brunch.


They also offer an awkward sofa pic on entrance, one which I could have done with avoiding if the above pic is anything to go by…

Urban Nation


History + graffiti = My perfect day out! So a museum filled with street art stories & unique pieces was a must see! It’s fun & free! So why not have a lil wonder around & make sure to grab a quick insta-worthy pic against one of the vibrant grafitti backdrops or on the iconic rainbow stairway…

The Big Dog


Think Almost Famous x Hot Dogs x Berlin. An edgy American style diner filled with quirky quotes & banterous puns, with the most extravagant fries toppings you’ve ever seen!

I hope you enjoyed my lil Instagramable guide to Berlin and aren’t too disappointed with the places behind the filters if you visit!

PS If you’re Insta-OBSESSED like me & heading to Amsterdam soon, check out my post 10 Insta-Worthy Places in Amsterdam…you’re welcome!



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