Jess Jepson

Reworking my wardrobe & avoiding sale splurging…

January is FINALLY over! On, and now February is too…

For once in my life I actually did what I said I would back in Jan & refrained from splurging on silly sale purchases (with the exception of a DREAMY cowboy hat) and managed to rework quite a few of my old, unloved pieces! Making paying this months rent slightly less painful than normal…

My usual approach to reorganising my wardrobe is to pull EVERYTHING out, chuck it all in a big pile on the floor, then hang things back up one by one. That way I look at each and every thing individually and decide whether to keep, chuck or hide away. It’s probably the messiest, most unorganised way of doing it and literally takes up a whole day, but I get there in the end!

So after a day of serious sorting out, I discovered a bunch of gems I’d completely forgotten about…

The return of the co-ord…

lilac cord suit

I’m ashamed to say that I’d only ever worn this lilac suit of dreams once before I completely forgot it even existed… So restyling it was my top priority! I teamed it with my fave Bershka mesh snakeskin top, that I wear at LEAST once a week, minimum…and my Topshop baguette bag. LOVE!

Sporty Spice



I dug out this old ¼ zip crop top from early last year and I’m OBSESSED all over again. It just so happens to match my new(ish) trainers perfectly, which is a bonus, because I don’t wear them nearly enough. Maybe that can be my next lil challenge, to actually wear the bloody things!

I’ve found a new love for this shade of blue & definitely want to try invest in a few other bits in this shade soon!

Lace Up



I dug out an old lace up rock tee that my sister bought me a few years back & forced myself to get over my dislike of the 2016 style lace up neckline… I then restyled it using my new satin leopard print skirt.

I can’t take full credit though, the look was made significantly edgier thanks to the magical abandoned fairground back drop.

Check Mate

berlin blogger

After loving this skirt when I first wore it back in Berlin, I really struggled to restyle it again! I found it looked a little strange with tights, given how bright it was, but it’s obviously far too cold for full on bare legs yet! I teamed it with knee high boots, a polo neck & a cute headband…sorted!

Ok so granted, it’s not THAT much of a different look, but I’m wearing it again and that’s what really counts…right?

Blazers Are BACK



Another blazer…shock! When I first bought this checked Zara blazer I was smitten, but I’ve barely worn it since…this seems to be a reoccurring pattern doesn’t it? Oops!

It took me quite a while to find something  to wear with the blazer that I really loved. If I style blazers wrong, I can look quite square in shape, which isn’t ideal! I often team them with chunky waist belts to cinch in my waist, but I wanted to try something different this time!

After recently repurchasing my fave Topshop straight leg jeans (this doesn’t count as splurging, they were an essential…) I found my perfect blazer combo! Ain’t it just great when you finally find THE perfect pair of jeans?!

Double Denim Dreams



With the return of my fave jeans, I was FINALLY able to rock double denim again! This time with a more wintery look that usual; teamed with Dr Martens & a polo neck for the cutest, cosiest double denim look!

All in all I think I’ve done a pretty decent job of ignoring the urge to splurge and reworking old bits, it just shows that you don’t always need brand spanking new bits every week. In reality, you’ve probably got quite enough already!



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