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Animal Print Take Over: Will it EVER End?!

I love you, I love you not, I love you…

I’m the first to admit that I’ve always HATED animal print of any kind. I’ve grown up despising the stuff, forever branding it cheap and tacky, swearing I’d never own even a hint of the print! Fast forward to 2019 and half my wardrobe is animal print. OBSESSED would be an understatement. I can’t get enough of it!

The question is; Why?! How have I gone from hating to adoring something over night?! It’s not like you suddenly wake up one day and love Marmite, so why would I wake up one day loving leopard?

I remember when it first started to take over the high street last year I was strutting the streets in disgust! How could people possibly want to wear these offensively tacky prints?! GROSS!

I’ve always held my opinions on fashion, if there’s a trend I don’t like, I won’t give into it. Simple as. When peplum tops took over the world back in 2012 I wouldn’t have been seen dead in the style and I still feel the same way now.

Throughout 2018 I stuck to my guns and never once became tempted to invest in a clear plastic bag…not cute! I could ramble on for days about the multiple trends I’ve never taken to, but what I REALLY want to know is WHY, out of all the trends, animal print has been the one to test my will-power?!

Is it because it’s an iconic print that’ll forever stay relevant, or because I always secretly low-key loved Kate Moss’ ICONIC 90’s leopard print looks? We’ll never know! Either way, I’ve learnt to accept that my obsession is here to stay and on that note, I’m going to share a few of my fave animal print outfits, before I’m over it again…

Welcome to the wild side

Jess Jepson

This cute jumpsuit was my first lil dip into the wild & I wasn’t mad about it. Teamed with a lil tee & converse, it made the perfect casual weekday attire.


topshop zebra boots

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over my obsession with these boots! If I could wear them daily I absolutely would! The only thing is, with my over flowing wardrobe full of printed pieces, they can be a pain to style! My New Years Resolution was to wear them more & I’m FAILING, shock…

Silk Slip

I bagged this bargain dress at a botched bits shop in Blackpool, Steals, that’s SO worth a visit if you’re ever around the best seaside destination in the UK…just saying…

It cost me just £12 & I’ve worn it more than enough to justify that! It literally goes with everything and was a savoir in the early weeks of January when all you wanna do is don baggy, over sized clothes to hide that lil food baby…

I then went on to invest in yet another and another and another animal print silk slip…oops! But I wear them non-stop & couldn’t be more obsessed, so win win! Here’s a few of my absolute faves…


Bolder & Braver

Ok so I think by this point I was completely ok with my new found love of leopard print, if you can’t tell by my bold outfit choice…

I was already smitten with this co-ord, then all my dreams came true when Topshop reposted me! So now this will forever be an iconic piece to me, sad, I know…

Cosy Coats

I was lucky enough to be gifted two INSANE faux fur coats from Even & Odd last year and I know I use the word far too much but I am completely OBSESSED with them! I honestly wear the long line leopard daily! This has become my go to look for when I’m feeling lazy, jeans, converse, polo neck and DREAM jacket…effortless style!

I’m a snaaaaake

Now this co-ord literally HAS to be my absolute FAVOURITE animal print piece EVER! (& that’s saying a lot considering how many I now own…) I wore it to death with polo necks all winter & I cannot WAIT to style it up for spring! It’s the perfect gig outfit & is so easy to style separately, if you’re not quite as bold/attention seeking as me with your looks…

(I was kindly gifted this co-ord by Bershka)

Why did the zebra cross the road?

Can anybody remember a time before Collusion graced our ASOS baskets?! No? Me neither! I love a good mesh dress & docs combo, so this is basically my dream dress. I LOVED wearing it with a polo neck & vinyl jacket but I’m far more excited to rock it throughout festival season…are we nearly there yet?! UGH.

Clashing Prints

How much print clashing is too much print clashing?! You decide…

I was luckily enough to be gifted 2 super cute mesh snakeskin tops from Bershka & they basically became my second skin… I wore them with literally EVERYTHING for months & I still bloody do, I just can’t get enough!

If you’re still a lil unsure about the whole snakeskin trend & not hooked like the rest of us, then I’d say layering up a mesh animal print top is the perfect place to start! It’s subtle, simple & easy to style.

Pink to make the boys wink

My most used word is OBSESSED. Usually in capitals too. But despite my years of extensive English & journalism training I cannot think of a word to better describe my love for this tiger print top. Love it or hate it, its not going anywhere any time soon!

So I think we can safely say that I am now a complete animal print convert…old me would be CRINGING right now but I am MORE than ok with that! Sorry not sorry old Jess!

Here’s to more marvellous animal print outfits for the foreseeable!










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