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SS19 key trends: How I’m wearing them

Throw it back to 2012 for a minute, when hipsters took over the world. Remember the days of tye-die & camo obsessed teens (me) donning acid wash denim coated in metal studs? Oh how I wish I could turn back the time…oh wait!

Of course camos been back on the scene for a lil while now but tie dye & acid wash are officially BACK! Studs on the other hand, I haven’t seen much of, but although they’re not lining every inch of my Levi dupes these days, they’re something my inner rock chic never got over. Studded boots & bikers for life.

Ok so there’s other things making a comeback this season too; fringing, neon (hello year 8 discos), crochet, clashing prints, bold & bright suits, cycling shorts, utility trend, acid wash and nudes. Unfortunately head-to-toe nude isn’t a trend I’ll be taking on as I’m far too clumsy & wouldn’t last 5 minutes without a spillage!

But other than that I’m OBSESSED with everything SS19 & SO happy that we’ve stepped away from the *groundbreaking* pastels & florals for spring! So in honour of that, I’m  gonna talk through a few of my absolute fave key trends and exactly how I’ll be styling them this season…


Taking over from last year’s crayola brights trend we have NEON! Although I’m not fully invested in this trend, we’ll get onto that, I am SO glad that spring colours have FINALLY taken a bright, bold turn… I’ve never been pastels fan, they’re a lil girly for me and certainly not flattering for my casper-like skin tone.

Arriving at high-street stores to anything other than pastel pinks, yellows & mint greens is a dream come true!

As excited as I am about neon, I think you have to be a bit careful with it, as it can be terribly tacky when worn wrong. Remember year 8 discos filled with lucid leg warmers? No further comment…

Personally I prefer adding just a pop of neon to my outfits, although I do love risking a bold look now & again!

California/Surf Trend

This whole trends just brings back memories of the shaggy haired surfer boys I fancied back in school,mentioning no names…Chad Micheal Murray, Travis (Hannah Montana movie) Aqua Marine’s Raymond, ok I’ll stop now…

I am low-key THRILLED that this trend is making a come back. When I was younger, I’d say between the ages of 10-14 I’d go on family holidays dreaming of a sun-induced surfer girl transformation; a solid tan, blonder, beachier hair, a good tourist shop full of shell themed jewelry & of COURSE a shark tooth necklace. But the main part? Meeting the surfer dude of my childhood dreams, so I could return to school after the 6 week break & tell the tales of my surfy summer luvin’… ANYWAY I appear to have gone slightly off track!

The California-inspired trend is SO refreshing, forget pretty pastels & think distressed denim, bucket hats, tacky tropical print, baggy bleached jeans, shell accessories & of course, my absolute fave…tie-dye!


Now I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that tie-dye has taken over, unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the past 6 months…

I’ve been DYING to get my hands on a tie dye band tee & blazer ever since the R13 Spring 2019 show, if you haven’t seen it yet, you NEED to! Despite desperately searching I’m yet to  find either, but I will never give up…NEVER!

The best bit about the tie-dye trend? It’s cheap & easy to do yourself at home!

Utility Trend

I was SO ready for this trend. Anything involving chunky boots & combat trousers & I’m THERE.

Now it’s certainly no secret how totally & utterly OBSESSED I am with boiler suits atm. after MONTHS for searching for a boiler suit less than £80, the Topshop suits are a DREAM but I’m just not willing to pay that price! So I was THRILLED when I finally discovered the £20 Primark boiler suit, I just had to get both! I’m not sure I’ve worn anything other than these 2 suit for the past couple of weeks…no regrets!

I’m also v keen to invest in a pair of the utility style sensible Mum shorts, ideal for people like me who ain’t so keen on revealing their whole thigh & then some…

Fancy Fringing

I haven’t dipped into this trend too much yet, but just you wait til festival season arrives!

After years of lusting after an over-sized, fringed leather jacket I was kindly gifted this from Bershka & it couldn’t be more perfect! I’m honestly SO excited to rock it at Glastonbury!

Bold & Bright suits

Ok so I don’t think it’ll come as a suprise to anyone that I’ve always been a fan of a bright & bold suit. I love the masculine element of a full suit, especially teamed with docs or trainers.

My all time FAVE has to be the OG electric blue suit I wore to death last spring & plan on re-wearing again this year & forever more.

Apparently lilac is my new fave colour, as I now own 3 lilac suits. Personally I think they’re all SO different & get so much wear out of them, however looking at the 3 lined up, I feel slightly stupid for repurchasing lilac again & again & again…

I hope you enjoyed flicking through my SS19 fashion faves & irrelevant opinions on all this seasons trends, as always, you’re very welcome x

4 thoughts on “SS19 key trends: How I’m wearing them

  1. erinalice says:

    I love the way that you’re wearing the neon. A bit really does make your outfits stand out. I would like to be a bit brave and try that shade of pink!


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