how to print clash

Print Clashing: How much is too much?

The Clashing prints trend: Love it or hate it? Either way, there’s no escaping it.

I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard about the ‘print clashing’ trend taking off I was ADAMANT it was all kinds of wrong, but the more I played with it, the more obsessed I became!

I’ve always loved wearing unique outfits that really stand out. Yep, I’m THAT guy who loves to wear something nobody else will have/wear in the same way…so the opportunity to clash old prints with new season prints was a no brainier! Plus it’s a fun lil challenge, but that’s what’s brought me here…

What are the rules? How many print clashes is too many? Which print clashes work? Which are just plain wrong?! I’ve attempted it a few times, some I love, some are a little ‘much’ if ya know what I mean…

So I’m here to talk through a few of my faves & a few that I just don’t really ‘get’ but then again, as long as I love it, does it really matter if I’m getting the trend a lil wrong?

My very first dip into the clashing prints trend…

I mean I say I was nervous to try the trend, but my outfit says different! I absolutely LOVED this combo & am determined to wear it again soon. The top was kindly gifted to me by Bershka but the dress is a v old Urban Outfitters sale steal; the perfect combo?

Yes? No? Maybe? Unsure.

Now there’s no argument as to whether or not this counts as a print clash, in fact I’m not sure they could clash much more! But is it too much? How do we actually know whether we’re nailing or failing the clash? I was obsessed at the time but in hindsight, I ain’t too fussed for this look!

Spring Clashing

Now I LOVE this look…but not on me! I think the clashing combo is a DREAM but I’m unsure whether it’s because I don’t have legs for days, my pale skin tone, or just the fact I low-key hate myself…but once I put this on I was FAR less excited by my ‘dream’ print clash.

I love the fact the tie-dye & tiger print make quite a tonal, subtle print clash. Not too in ya face, but definitely there! But is there anything worse than obsessing over a potential outfit for DAYS, just be to disappointed once it’s on? I think not. First world problems, eh?

NAILED IT…I think!

Ok so this has to be my absolute FAVOURITE print clash attempt yet! I rocked my dream Even & Odd suit with a hot pink tiger print Bershka top. SO wrong it was right! I’ll 100% be wearing this again super soon!

In case you haven’t had enough of my print clashing attempts quite yet, here’s a couple more to browse through before deciding on your final verdict; How much print clashing is too much print clashing?

So what do you reckon? Is there a limit? Are there rules? Or are we free to continue to clash without boundaries?! You tell me!


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